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Are you stuck?

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

How do you start? Why do you listen to can't? Are your friends and family telling you that making a certain decision is not a good idea? How can you become unlimited?

Anyone anywhere can become unlimited. It begins with a single thought. A new beginning. Beginning is JUST the tip of the iceberg. The rest of you, your beauty as a human being, is all there waiting to be tapped. You have the ability to be you. Make your choice to begin. That's your first step.

“Do you have habits, traditions, obsessive practices or rituals that help to keep you in a box? A box has six sides and when closed or locked does not let anything in or out. What is in your box or what are you trying to keep out?"

Why do you have a box?

Your box protects you. Your box keeps your safe! Does it really? As children, we are taught limitations by our parents to keep us safe. "Don't cross the street, you might get hit by a car!" Okay, this rule is probably a good one, as well as others such as "Stay away from the pool until an adult is present!" But, do we ever reverse some of the rules as our children get older and more experienced with life? Do the rules conflict with their current age? Do the rules conflict with other rules? Is it possible to protect your children at the same time you are putting them at risk? Have you ever tried something different? Would this conflict with your box?

Many of us allow ourselves to get trapped in a timeless circle of listening to our parents’ message about what we should and should not do. Then there is the aspect of our so-called friends who if they become threatened with your success, who begin to use stronger words such as “can’t”, ”crazy”, ”dumb“, as well as threaten to go as far as unfriending you. People like other people with the same level of misery. You know the saying, “Misery loves company.” It’s very true in fact that jealousy may threaten them to loose their dependency on you. Regardless if you are the type of person that would never give up on someone, they will force you to out of their own selfishness.

Are you selfish to throw away your box?

No, because you owe it to yourself, anyone in your family, your friends and even strangers to live box free. No one truly has a box yet they spend their lives never going past one of the six sides that keeps them in their place and on the same boring path. Dare to be an example of what is different and possible. People will call you strange, weird, indifferent and many other names I don’t care to describe. After a while, you will see a change in everyone around you. The change will be very subtle. If you were not aware if its possibility, you might notice much longer after the change occurs. However, when you are aware and vigilant of changes’ existence, you will witness the miraculous metamorphsis of a human being.

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